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Things Most College Students Don’t Know about College

Every year, thousands of college students prepare to leave home to go off in pursuit of an education. For the majority, it is the first time they have ever lived outside the home without the supervision or

Things to Buy before You Go to College

Preparing for college can be a confusing and expensive task. Determining what to buy depends on a number of factors that can often be found or outlined in college information packages. Fortunately, the internet offers a good

Top Reasons College Students Should Have a Personal Website

From the time that a college student begins their education, they are taking steps that will be looked at by future potential employers whether they know it or not. They want to know what activities the student

How to Party Safely at College

For many freshmen, going to college is the first chance to get away from their parents and party. Suddenly, they are in a world where everyone around them seems to be having a good time. Everything and