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Tips for College Students with Social Media Websites

College students have long relied on part-time jobs to help pay their tuition or to supplement the allowance that their parents provided for necessities. Increasingly, college students are turning to the internet as a means to make

How to Avoid the Freshman 15

04One thing that many new college students have in common is the sudden weight gain that they experience during their freshman year. The combination of eating more fast food and junk food snacks combined with a lot

How to Make Friends at College

Going to college often means leaving friends behind and feeling alone in a brand new environment. Making new friends can be easier than one might think if one is willing to put a little effort into it.

Study Tips for College Students

A lot of things are different in college than they were in high school, including the type and volume of work that every student must manage. It’s easy to lose control of the workload and end up