How to Make Friends at College

Going to college often means leaving friends behind and feeling alone in a brand new environment. Making new friends can be easier than one might think if one is willing to put a little effort into it. Being passive and staying in the dorm room isn’t likely to get anyone very far in finding a whole new click. The following tips are some good ways to break the ice and find out who will make a good companion for their new life at college.

  • Ask Questions

There are going to be lots of other students in classes, at the library, the computer room, and even in the cafeteria. Don’t wait for them to start the conversation. Ask questions about who they are and what their area of study is. Sometimes all it takes to start a friendship is to get the conversation started.

  • Join the Club

Most areas of study also have clubs, organizations, and groups associated with them. Joining is a surefire way to find others with the same interests and it will make it easier to form friendships.

  • Be Friendly

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but making friends rarely starts with a frown. Smile, be polite, and give others a reason to want to do the same.

  • Think Outside the Box

During high school, friendships are more a matter of convenience. They exist between people who are from the same communities and similar backgrounds. In college, there are more likely to be others from around the world with all types of experiences. Friends who are different could be the ones who form meaningful lifelong friendships.

So many things about college life are different than they were in high school. Students shouldn’t expect to duplicate their friendships to create the same type of experiences. Instead, they should be open to forming friendships that are based on common interests, respect, and an appreciation for the characteristics that make each person unique.