How to Party Safely at College

For many freshmen, going to college is the first chance to get away from their parents and party. Suddenly, they are in a world where everyone around them seems to be having a good time. Everything and everyone around them are new and it is easy to forget that these are strangers and strange situations. Even if a student is determined to party at college, there are some things they can do to keep them safe.

Get Out of the Dorm

Nearly every dorm has rules against alcohol and/or drugs and it may take only one violation to get kicked out. Instead of partying at home, go out as a group. On campuses, there are often clubs and bars within walking distance so there is no need to get behind the wheel. If the destination of choice is off-campus, have a reliable designated driver even if it means calling in a responsible outsider who won’t give in to the surroundings.

Put Studies First

Take care of class work or studying before going out and limit outings to weekends. Many students have gone out with their friends for just one drink, only to end up intoxicated and sleeping late the next morning when they were supposed to be in class. Always have a plan with room for error.

Watch Your Drink

Never assume that it is safe from anyone. Even a roommate might decide to help their friends loosen up a little by putting something in their drink without their knowing. There are also plenty of strangers around who could target a member of the group in the hopes of making them more vulnerable.

It is possible for a college student to party responsibly if they make it a habit of managing their time and only indulging when it won’t interfere with the studies that they came to college for in the first place.