Study Tips for College Students

A lot of things are different in college than they were in high school, including the type and volume of work that every student must manage. It’s easy to lose control of the workload and end up with too little time to catch up. College students should also make it their goal to get the most from their studies; not just a passing grade. Like almost everything else, coursework in college is a lot different in college than it is in high school. Below are some ways to manage study time and get the most from every minute.

  • Know Which Learning Method Works Best

Visual, kinesthetic, auditory, and hands-on learners differ in how they absorb information. When a visual learner tries to imprint information through lectures or audio tapes, a lot of the information is going to be lost. An audio learner may need to take a recorder to classes and play them back to study instead of taking notes and then trying to read them. It isn’t really necessary to know which category a student fits into; only which methods work best.

  • Put Work before Pleasure

Never put off homework assignments until after a fun outing or social event. Put business first.

  • Get Plenty of Sleep

Fatigue makes it more difficult to learn and remember.

  • Get Ahead of Assignments

Work with the assumption that class work is only going to get more difficult. If the plan in the class syllabus lays out what future assignments will be, get ahead in the beginning so that you can take longer to work on the more difficult areas.

  • Get a Tutor if Needed

Everyone isn’t good at every subject. As soon as a subject becomes challenging enough to cause a problem, get help from a tutor.

Taking a proactive approach to studying will prevent trouble spots from being traumatic when they do happen. Face each study session with enthusiasm, energy, and the goal to come out of it knowing what is needed to get through the next class.