Things Most College Students Don’t Know about College

Every year, thousands of college students prepare to leave home to go off in pursuit of an education. For the majority, it is the first time they have ever lived outside the home without the supervision or comfort of their parents’ and parents’ home. They see the transition to college life as an opportunity not only for higher education for freedom and for many that means late-night parties and regular trips to the campus bars.

The Price They Pay for Too Much Freedom

One thing that many college students don’t know when they start college is that a large percentage are unable to properly balance and manage their time and end up performing poorly academically. The appeal of being able to do whatever they want is too great and it ends up taking time away from their studies that they can’t afford to lose. It is a good idea to find out the graduation rate of a college click here to determine how likely it is that an incoming freshman is likely to make it all the way through to graduation.

Matching the Student to the College

Many students will win their way into college with awards and/or scholarships, taking the need to choose a college out of their hands. Those that focus on high academics have a way of getting the best students who are most likely to be high achievers on their campus.

Another thing that college students don’t expect when they go away to college is the feeling of homesickness they feel upon losing certain comforts and luxuries, often this comes in addition to realizations that laundry, groceries and household responsibilities become soley their own. Even those students who plan to attend a college away from home can benefit from getting some of their basic courses out of the way at a local college where they can get their feet wet gradually.