Things to Buy before You Go to College

Preparing for college can be a confusing and expensive task. Determining what to buy depends on a number of factors that can often be found or outlined in college information packages. Fortunately, the internet offers a good resource for finding all types of information these days, including options at college like laundry facilities, limits on what appliances can be used in dorm rooms, and what is provided vs what is not.

When selecting items from the following list, consider the available space in the dorm and whether any of these is necessary or practical.

  • Mini-Fridge –Late night study sessions demand a steady supply of snacks and drinks. Mini fridges come in small enough sizes to fit in almost any available space.
  • Cell Phone with Good Local Coverage – The same carrier that works fine at home may not be the best choice at school.
  • Laptop – Choose a style that is designed for college students.
  • Television – Consider a smaller version with built-in DVD player for more options.
  • Netflix Subscription – Netflix is a unanimous choice for movies and TV series alike.
  • Desk Lamp – Just in case there isn’t ample light in the best study spot.
  • Alarm Clock – Get one that is battery operated or at least an electric one that has battery back-up.
  • Lots of Change – Take enough to do the laundry and cover snacks from the vending machines.
  • First Aid Kit – Add any current prescription medications along with over-the-counter cold medicine, pain reliever, and anti-diarrhea. Getting sick during the first year of college is almost a guarantee.
  • Assortment of Clothes – Include a variety of clothing types such as swimwear, grunge wear, outerwear for cold or rainy weather, and dressy clothes for any special occasions that may come up.

Try to talk with other students who can advise other unexpected needs such as fans for hot dorm rooms or flip-flops for slippery shower floors. Being prepared with the necessities and a few comfort items will make it easier to adjust to the new setting.